Mobile Fingerprint Services in Sacramento, CA

When we serve customers at Identifirm, we do our best to make sure they understand the type of mobile fingerprinting services that we have to offer them. We have some of the latest technology as far as mobile fingerprinting is concerned, and we make sure to use this to the advantage of our customers.

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  • Criminal Records Checks

    One of the most important services that we offer is live scan fingerprinting. This is a piece of technology that makes it possible to send fingerprints directly to the Department of Justice to have them check those fingerprints against the criminal records that they have access to.

    Potential employers and others who might be interested in understanding the criminal history of someone that they are speaking with may need to look through the criminal records that are provided to them by the DOJ. In fact, in some lines of work, it is absolutely essential that people go through a security check before they are allowed to work there at all. Thus, the service that we provide is highly valuable to a number of industries, and we will continue to offer that help.

  • Get Answers Faster

    A critical thing to remember about criminal records checks is that it is often necessary to think about how quickly you can possibly get the records that you need. Obviously, the faster that you can get your records, the better. Many people have looked at how they can get background check information back from their providers as rapidly as possible. We work to make the process as close to instant as possible. After all, there is no point in making your prospective employees wait longer than they really need to just to get some information about what their criminal background check says.

    The faster that you can provide answers like this, the better shape you will be in moving forward. You will have the answers that you need, and those that you are considering hiring will finally have some answers about where they stand as well. When it all comes together, it can produce an efficient system that works for everyone.

    We are very effective at the work that we do, and we can even offer services that can help tackle group fingerprinting challenges all at the same time. This allows us to help organizations take care of all of their employees at the same time. Make sure you consider this when thinking about which provider to go with.

    To get the answers that you need and the solutions you want, please get in touch with our team to set something up for you today.